To carry Eti into the future, we categorize our Human Resources approaches under 5 main titles!

Our Selection and Placement Approach

Our primary objective is to let individuals join our company as happy employees who are open to change, development and competition as well as energetic, enthusiastic, eager to improve their job and themselves, highly motivated, capable of adhering to competencies and values of ETİ and carrying ETİ into the future. For this purpose, we implement methodologies at international standards, match right skills to right positions, and make the best decision to carry our company and employees into the future.

Our Development Approach

Our Company is aware of the significance of creating environments to let our employees benefit from the opportunity to personally and professionally improve themselves as much as they need. In this frame, we offer a variety of development programs and models for our employees, such as training, development projects, book & movie recommendations, e-learning solutions, access to libraries and periodical publications, attendance at summits and conferences, leadership development modules, simulations, overseas education programs, etc.. In this way, we produce development solutions that can open up new horizons for our employees.

Our Career Management

Every employee needs a well-planned career management so that they can take the right and strong steps in their career. At this point, we periodically evaluate the knowledge, experience, competence, and performance of our employees to help them complete their personal and professional development. Considering such assessments and career maps, we ensure our potential employees to participate in the practices at the Development Center. In line with the results of such assessments, we contribute to the individual development of our employees according to their strong aspects as well as areas that need improvement. At that stage, we focus on the progress of our employees by evaluating all opportunities within our development approach. We provide assistance to potential employees as well as the employees who make progress so that they can assume higher roles or take part in different departments.

Our Performance Management Approach

We have a performance management system ensuring each employee's individual performance to serve our corporate strategies and goals, and by which we can see the contribution of such performance throughout the process. We can identify potential risks through periodical follow-ups we perform throughout the year. Furthermore, we find the opportunity to determine the actions more quickly in response to disruptions within the process of reaching the end-of-year targets and provide assistance for all of our employees in line with their needs of development.

Our Wage Administration Approach

Eti uses a wage system that supports our corporate strategy and is determined in conformity with the competitive, fair, competent human resources, the size of the work performed and the industry structure. We periodically assess our wage policy in line with our corporate strategies and wage survey reports. Following our performance assessments, we reward our employees within the scope of our monthly or annual bonus system.