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Website Terms of Use and Confidentiality Agreement

Terms of Use 

1. Everyone who becomes a member of, uses or visits this site shall be considered to have accepted the following conditions. If you do not accept the provisions of this agreement, please stop using this site.. 

2. All sounds, images, written information, documents, brands and intellectual and industrial ownership rights for these brands belong to ETİ or to parties that have allowed ETİ to use them; all such items are used legally with permission from the relevant owners and are legally protected. Distribution, replication, copying, transmission and all other use are subject to permission from the rightful owners.

3. All information and recommendations provided on this site are general in nature and ETİ is not responsible for any decisions you make based on such information and recommendations. 

4. You must obtain permission from ETİ if you want to get a link from this site or place a link to this site. 

5. ETİ does not assume any responsibility for any errors, damages or viruses that may be caused by the personal computers of the users and the internet access during the use of this site in any way or importing data from the site and for the problems which may be caused by unauthorized access by third parties to the said computer systems etc.

6. Some links on the site may take you to locations outside of ETİ’s network. ETİ makes no guarantee regarding the content or accuracy of such sites, nor does ETİ assume any responsibility for the functionality of such sites. These links are only provided on bona fide basis. ETİ is not responsible for any changes that may occur on the sites that are linked to.

Everything on this site is provided on “as is” basis. ETİ does not guarantee that any sound, image, written information or document on this site is suitable for a specific purpose.

Confidentiality Conditions

1. This agreement specifies how information belonging to the user will be used and protected. These rules also specify what you should do if you do not want your personal information to be collected and specify how you can change the information you give us. ETİ will not share your information with third persons without your approval.

2. The website may download "cookie” to your computer so it can recognize you when you access it and make your experience better. You can refuse to allow “cookies” to be downloaded. ETİ will not share the information it obtains through “cookies” with third parties unless there is a legal obligation.

3. All of your personal information will be recorded in ETİ’s database with your full approval. If you do not grant approval, do not enter your personal information. ETİ will not record your personal information without your approval.

4. ETİ has the right to convert all information that the user has submitted and that is recorded in its database to statistical information at any time and without paying any fee, with all rights reserved by ETİ, and to use said information for communicating with you directly or indirectly and for any advertising or marketing fields belonging to ETİ. Your information cannot be used for the benefit of third parties other than ETİ. All users who accept the terms of use have henceforth accepted and agreed to these matters.

5. Even though there is not any separate transaction on this site indicating that you approve these rules, you indicate that you agree these confidentiality rules by using this site.  

6. ETİ reserves the right to unilaterally make changes in the site’s terms of use and confidentiality agreement.

7. ETİ may transfer the rights arising from this site and this agreement to third parties. ETİ group companies can benefit from the rights arising from this agreement.