Lifalif Oatmeal

Eti Lifalif Oatmeal; It is a good breakfast and snack alternative that offers you the naturalness, taste and nutritionalness of oats in a practical way. Thanks to the high fiber it contains, you can meet 16% of your daily fiber need with 1 bowl (30g) of Eti Lifalif Oatmeal. Eti Lifalif Oatmeal is an important part of your daily diet with the vegetable protein it contains. You can prepare Oatmeal, which can be always at hand, by mixing it with cold milk, yogurt or boiling it in milk in a very short time. With Eti Lifalif Oatmeal, you can create delicious bowls for breakfast and snacks.

Eti Lifalif Oatmeal Breakfast Product